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If you’d like a workshop* in your town please read the information below and then complete the workshop request form below.

To date PinG WA has received requests from 46 separate groups with many requesting multiple workshops in 2018. PinG WA is excited about this unprecedented level of demand for our business skills workshops from across WA.

Over the past six months PinG WA has been vigorously pursuing avenues to secure program support to enable us to continue to offer workshops to regional communities at a subsidised participant rate. To date, PinG WA has not been able to secure broad-scale funding and this is limiting our ability to deliver.

We have our workshops ready to hit the road and we know there are lots of communities that want workshops now. So in March 2018 after much consideration, the PinG WA Board introduced a flexible co-investment model with farming communities.  By co-investing, PinG WA can guarantee workshop delivery to your community at a timing that is most convenient to you.

Options for accessing a PinG WA workshops:







·         Your group or organisation sources/ provides $2,000 (can be through funding, grants or local sponsorship)

·         PinG WA can guarantee* delivery of your requested workshop in your town with participants paying the PinG WA registration fee.

·         PinG WA participant fee applies which is $250 + GST per participant (and $150+GST for additional participant from the same farm business)

·         Your group or organisation sources/ provides $5,000 (can be through funding, grants or local sponsorship)

·         Allows you to effectively ‘buy’ a one-day workshop of your choice, which means you can offer the workshop ‘free’ to your community**.

·         Until PinG WA can source funding to deliver in your community.

·         PinG WA participant fee will apply.

·         An estimated timeframe is a minimum of 6 months. We will be back in touch in six months to let you know how we are progressing.

*Assumes a minimum of eight paying participants     **Maximum of 20 participants per workshop

A few additional points of information:

 Grant applications- PinG WA will happily provide a detailed letter of support to any group applying for grant funds. Please email Hellene McTaggart via with details. A number of communities have already successfully applied to funding sources (i.e. NRM sustainable farming grants, some local governments have funding rounds, Department of Communities Grants for Women etc).  for a PinG WA workshop.

 Corporate sponsorship– We will happily include your sponsors logos on the workshop marketing materials that we provide and the sponsor is also welcome to formally open and close the workshop (five mins maximum). Due to degree of negotiation involved in corporate partnerships PinG WA is not able to negotiate individual sponsorships, however, if you know of a business that is interested in supporting three or more workshops in your region then please let us know.

 Workshop format- Content and format of workshops is set to ensure quality and continuity of training. Workshops run for 6 hours and we recommend timing of 9am to 3pm- changes to this timing may incur additional expense.

PinG WA will continue to advocate for access to high quality, accessible, industry specific, business skills training and PD on behalf of farmers in WA. Through a select number of corporate partnerships and a project with GRDC, PinG WA has already been able to secure delivery of 10 workshops to farming communities in 2018, view our scheduled workshops here. The locations of these workshops have been selected in liaison with the partner. PinG WA continues to pursue opportunities for wider program support with strategic partners.

Information about hosting a PinG WA workshop

PinG WA organises the facilitator, workshop materials, undertakes all registrations and payment (online via our website), provides a pdf marketing flyer and online marketing support via social media and our ‘In the Loop’ eNews. But it really helps the workshop run smoother if we have a local contact/host on ground to coordinate a few things (this can be an individual, CRC, grower group or other community group). We ask for assistance with:

Booking and liaising with a suitable a local venue

The venue needs to accommodate the following requirements:

  • Can seat up to 20-25 people, workshop style
  • Has a data projector, screen (or smart TV) and whiteboard
  • Is available from 8am – 4pm on the day of the workshop
  • Has wifi connection (Paperless Office workshop only)

Organising and liaising with a local caterer:

A local caterer/ community group to provide the following for the workshop (we will update on numbers and dietary requests as we get closer to the date):

  • Tea and coffee on arrival (sometimes venues provide this as part of their hire), morning tea (10.30am) and lunch (12.30pm)
  • If caterer is not able to provide clean-up of dishes then please ask them to provide disposable plates, cutlery (if required), cups and napkins and include this cost in their quote.

Spreading the word

You know your community best and have established networks so we ask that the local host:

  • distribute the marketing flyer to your community / colleagues/ networks, etc.
  • About 4-5 weeks out places the flyer in any local newsletters (b+w only).
  • Share and re-tweet PinG WA’s social media posts about the workshop.


All marketing, venue, catering and equipment hire costs are covered by PinG WA. When we book your workshop date we give an approximate budget for each. As the local host we ask that you provide suppliers with our name and contact details for invoicing.

WA Workshop Request Form

Fill in the details below to request a workshop in your local area.

  • Please indicate how your community plans to access the workshop(s) requested.
  • Workshops run from 9am to 3pm. Please state your preferred date period and days. Note 1- 'Paperless' & 'Farm Finance for Performance' workshops are available from March 2018. Due to high demand we will not be able to meet all pre-seeding date requests so please provide post-seeding date options as well. Note 2- Due to INSPIRE Summit 2018 we will not be scheduling workshops between 21 March and 8 April 2018.
  • We require a minimum of 10 participants at a workshop
  • Preference is given to requests where a local contact/ host is available.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.